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Posted on: Mar 12, 2019 8:55:25 AM

The Best Day to Apply Might Shock You

close up of a calendarYou’ve made up your mind and decided it’s time for a new position. The job you’re targeting is your “dream job,” but you know they’ll get a lot of applications. So how do you stand out from the other HR or payroll hopefuls? How do you avoid hitting a recruiter and hiring manager’s inbox at the wrong time because of a huge stack of applications or your resume being in the “right place at the wrong time?” As experts in HR and payroll recruiting, we’ve found a few tips to help land your next HR or payroll position.  

Wooden Blocks with the text AvoidAvoid Tuesday-Thursday

The middle of the week is never a good time for anyone. Between being tied up with projects, meetings, and in the grind of trying to hit weekly goals, most managers or HR professionals do not pick up the phone or check their email unless they absolutely have to. Business professionals often have a very structured process and stick to it, especially during the middle of the week. Taking an hour to sort through resumes and applications may get lost in “everyday life.”

Believe it or not, Tuesday through Thursday is when most job applications and related communications are sent. Doing the math, it stands to reason that you’re applying to an HR or payroll position on a day with more competition, yet less likely to get reviewed.  

Why is this the most common time for applications? Monday evenings are when most professionals go on job boards to find a new position. According to our own website, Monday visits are almost double any other day.

Occasionally agitated professionals forget about their job over the weekend and try to minimize the pitfalls of their current situation in their head. Then they come back on Monday to a rude awakening. Don’t fall into this trap of uncertainty followed by emotional despair and applying to every open job on Monday evening. If you’re absolutely dreading going to work on Monday, take the time to apply for a new job on Sunday.

Business man pointing to transparent board with text Apply Now!Shoot for Sunday

You just had a great weekend and feel recharged. You’ve had time to think through the logistics of the new position you saw posted or find a new position for which to apply. Now is a great time to apply for that new position because come Monday, both managers and HR recruiters are usually all caught up and able to give your application or email that extra minute it needs for them to consider you as a candidate.


Beautiful woman reviewing her lesson with her laptop and bookCheck and Send

Before you send your application for your next HR or payroll position, make sure you’ve customized your resume to fit the specific job you’re applying for. Stand out by tailoring your application to the industry/type of position you are applying for. As for the time of sending the application, during the day or evening is fine. Avoid late nights and bed time hours as recruiters can get alarmed by late-night applicants. You may be trying to send the message that you are dedicated and “always on,” when in reality an HR recruiter could read it as this person isn’t organized. 

Overall, do your research on the company and write a meaningful, insightful, yet concise cover letter. But only if it’s requested. By having a resume that is continuously updated and formatted correctly you can allow more time to make any needed changes for the specific job you are applying for as well as make your cover letter perfect.


We wish you the best of luck on your current or future job search. Make sure to stay connected with us on social media @Willory1 for regular advice, tips, and opportunities to perfect your application materials. If you have any interest in a position in HR or payroll you can sign up for our jobs newsletter right here

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