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Posted on: Dec 31, 2018 12:21:00 PM

FIve New Year's Resolutions for HR and Payroll Professionals

New Year New Me card with a beach on backgroundIt is a new year and you know what that means, time for resolutions. For those in HR and payroll this can be the most hectic time of year, especially for those experiencing seasonal employee fluctuations, year-end payroll, or an implementation. So perhaps, the beginning of the year isn’t the best time to start off…but that’s the great thing about resolutions, you can start them any time. Resolutions should stretch you, but also be achievable. The following do just that, allowing you to grow as an individual and professional in 2019.

Join an Association

HR and payroll departments play an integral role in many organizations worldwide. Joining associations such as SHRM, IHRIM, or APA allow you to meet peers in an array of industries and build your network in the process. It is easy to feel isolated if your HR and payroll departments are small, because you might only interact with a few people daily. If you want to get a breath of air beyond your day to day responsibilities joining an association might just be for you. Many of these associations throw some awesome events which create excellent opportunities.

Step Outside the World of HR and Payroll

As great as it is to perfect the skills that directly apply to your day-to-day job, it isn’t healthy to spend every minute focused on the same activities. Don’t be afraid to branch out and challenge yourself to spend more time outside of the HR and payroll world. If it is in terms of your company specifically we recommend getting more involved with areas you don’t typically see, such as meeting with managers/executives and being a part of the strategic goals of the firm. Another great idea is to help out with the marketing department and be a part of fun content ideas, or plan fun and rewarding programs to keep workers upbeat and motivated throughout your office. It doesn’t end here. How can you use your own skills to make your role and overall impact at your workplace more strategic and upbeat? Spend some time in 2019 to plan your break out. You might even inspire other people in your office to hop on the bandwagon and chase their own goals.

Evaluate your HCM Technology

Maybe your 2018 was rough. Perhaps your systems are a struggling to keep up with the needs of your organization and you have a backlog of fixes that needed to be made yesterday. If you are beginning to feel the strain from an outdated HCM system, it is important to act early on. Through the work we have done with our clients we have found that solving issues with HCM systems can save companies a significant amount of money over time. Also, being on a system that is optimized and that is the right for your organization structure can make day to day operations easier for you and all of your employees. If you have an interest in re-evaluating your HCM systems click here.

Conduct an HR/Payroll Audit

Sometimes there’s an obvious disconnect between your department and the needs of the organization, but sometimes HR can be oblivious to their problems. You might not be aware of all the issues you are having, but you feel the tension between employees, lack of common ground, and confusion from outdated protocol. With the turn of the new year there are new expectations that you need to meet and the only way to succeed is to proactively change. An HR/payroll audit might be the best place to start We recommend conducting an HR and/or payroll audit annually to ensure you remain compliant and efficient. Click here to learn more about what you can do.

Set a Plan to Move Up in Your Career

It’s important to be constantly building your skillset in whatever job you hold. Don’t let 2019 feel the exact same as 2018; talk to your supervisors about what you can to develop professionally by setting new goals for yourself and team.

If that is true, you should have a plan in place to talk to your boss appropriately and prove your point. In the worst-case scenario you always have Willory to help. The best part is that you do not need to leave your job or take a ton of time out of your schedule to hunt. All you need to do is apply as a candidate and our staffing team will take care of the rest. When a position that fits your skills opens, you will have the opportunity to learn more and to find the right position to nurture your career.


What are your New Year’s resolutions? Comment below!