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Posted on: Dec 6, 2019 11:37:02 AM

Are Pets Part of Your Psychological Paycheck?

What keeps you happy at work? Your answer might be obvious, your paycheck. Right?

Although this is one of the biggest motivators for many employees, other factors can be just as or more critical to maintaining employee happiness. Earlier this year, we wrote a blog about psychological paychecks and the relationship to the government shutdown.

A psychological paycheck is what keeps you going to and happy at work. It can be a sense of belonging, feeling appreciated, or simply liking the flavor of coffee served. It’s everything that cannot be quantified in a paycheck. We all have different values and needs in our careers, so each of our psychological paychecks looks unique.

I love having my family and pets around as I work (even if they are occasionally distracting). They help to remind me that I’m building a future for them and keep me positive when working. Watch my video below to meet Archie and learn more about why we value pets in the workplace here at Willory!




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