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Posted on: Dec 19, 2019 5:08:30 PM

2020: Right Decade for a New Job?

We’re not only approaching a new year, but a brand-new decade. Depending on your circumstances, 2020 is absolutely the right time to look for a new job. Although you might be content with where you are right now, there are most likely greater opportunities elsewhere. Perhaps you have been in your current role for several years and feel comfortable, even with this in mind there might still be better options to build your career. Finding a new position can give you the opportunity to learn new skills, gain experience in different industries, and move your way up the ladder to becoming an HR leader.

Feeling satisfied in your role is a great thing, especially if job security is one of your top priorities, however being a passive job seeker can allow you that comfort with allowing you to shop around for some of the most sought job opportunities. By being a passive job seeker, you are open to hearing about new HR opportunities, but not actively pursuing or applying to them. Working with a recruiter is a great way to be a passive job seeker. You can let us know what will make you move and we’ll keep an eye out for that type of role for you.

The job market is currently considered a talent-focused market. There are lots of jobs and not as many people to fill those roles. That means, as the HR or payroll expert, you have the leverage and skillset that employers are looking for.  Our team is excited for the year ahead, not only is it our tenth anniversary, but we have big plans…and they think it’s a great time for people to commence a job search.


Lisa Mamula Willory CR Headshot-1“The new year is always a great time to explore new career opportunities. The holidays have past and businesses are ready to get serious tackling the new business plan.  The budgets are approved and the companies are ready to hire for key positions.”
Lisa, Director of Client Relations


John Bernatovicz Willory Sales Headshot“It is an opportune time for people to reflect on the good and the bad of your current role and what is ahead. Many times, the beginning of the year aligns with both employers and candidates making changes. The new year provides more career opportunities with an influx of job postings, which offers more options to candidates as they consider what is the right next move in their career progression.”

John, President and Founder

Laura Maike Willory Staffing Headshot“2020 is the year to look for a new position, especially if you are a Millennial (born 1977-1995) or Gen X (1965-1976). Statistics show that these two generations are more likely to be underpaid, especially when compared to the newest generation in the workforce, Gen Z. Take advantage of the ‘talent market’ while you can!”

Laura, Staffing Manager

Philip Major Willory CR Headshot-1“I think people should look for a new job this year because there is no reason NOT to—if nothing else, a hesitant job seeker will only feel better about their current job and situation and make no change.”

Philip, Client Relations Manager


Brady Bonifas Willory Sales Headshot-1“I think candidates should look for a new job in the new year if they were looking to transition into a desired geographic location. There is more opportunity in Ohio than ever before. Columbus specifically is a great hub for businesses, big and small.”

Brady, Sales Manager