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Posted on: September 12, 2019

Five for Five: From our First to Most Recent Hire

From the inception of Willory, one of the main goals of the firm is to provide excellent employee culture.  

I was curious about if the first employee and our most recent hire would have a different perspective on what the win means.  

I interviewed Willory’s first employee, Bob Haas, and our most recent hire, Brady Bonifas, to share their experiences and see how Willory has grown over the years. Interestingly enough they are both Sales Managers with sons named Beau/Bo 

Bob Haas Willory Sales Headshot

Bob Haas: Sales Manager (Greater Cleveland Area) 

How has Willory as top workplace affected you throughout your career 

The employee-focused culture that Willory has worked so hard to keep over the years is something that I’ve greatly valued throughout my careerI’ve been able to achieve personal and professional growth over the years while receiving constant support and encouragement from our leadership team. It’s been great being able to join professional groups in the area and receive one-on-one mentorship. The internal mentorship programs at Willory are one of a kind and something that not every organization has. Most importantly, our team always believes that everyone has a voice and takes the time to listen to everyoneWe meet with our team or leadership at any time if we have a need 

How would you describe the growth of Willory? 

We have been very intentional and strategic while maintaining the importance of the organization's culture. When we began and started growing, we wanted the be the best in HR/payroll staffing in the Cleveland area. Once we felt confident in those abilities, we took on opportunities in the HR technology space (regionally and nationally) to expand our network.  

What were the goals when you started compared to now? 

Our goals have stood firm over the years and have scaled as the business has grown. Our focus on culture has grown and become of utmost importance. Our team works hard to maintain what John started by keeping Willory a happy organization focused on work-life balance. Our employees guard that culture, and we get the right people in the right positions. When it comes to building our internal team, Willory is patient to find the right person. We look for personality first then skillset, many organizations skip this important step.  

I feel that Willory has become an advocate for the community. We work every day to help professionals reach their goals as well as help organizations get the right people and help with their technology  

As the first Willory employee, how does it feel to have been a winner of NorthCoast 99 for five years in a row? 

It feels great! The prestige that goes with this award means a lot. Being a NorthCoast 99 winner is held in high regard within Northeast Ohio, and as the award’s recognition grows, it challenges those past winners to continue to innovate to remain a top workplace. NorthCoast 99 is a ruler for top workplaces within Northeast Ohio as some companies that fall off while others stay on the list year after yearBecause of this it’s important for many organizations to be awarded a spot on the list because of the values it represents.  


Brady Bonifas Willory Sales HeadshotBrady Bonifas: Sales Manager (Greater Columbus Area) 

How has Willory as top workplace affected your onboarding and development as a newer employee?  

I joined the team in January 2019 and have felt great about my onboarding. The Willory leadership team makes me feel valuable, and like I’m an asset to the organizationOur team invests their time and business development into training me. In return, this motivates me to reciprocate that because they help me grow as a professional. 

How does the culture at Willory stand out to you from other organizations?  

Unlike many other organizations, I’m not a number. I’m a human being, and I’m treated like a valued piece of our company. We have a non-toxic environment that is focused on employee happiness and work-life balance. It feels welcome and refreshing transitioning into a new role and industry with such a positive and supportive workplace 

As the newest Willory employee, how does it feel to work for a company with a five-year legacy at NorthCoast99? 

It truly feels like an honor to be a part of an award-winning culture. To be honest, I don’t know if I would work somewhere else without that kind of mindset because of how important it is to me. It’s awesome to work somewhere that takes a disciplined approach to culture with people that fit the mold. 

How does it feel to be a part of the recently announced Willory Columbus team? 

I feel super privileged to have this opportunity. Our team had previous success in Columbus on sporadic projects before we officially announced our expansion. I’m one of the first people to formally tap this market and help clients and candidates achieve their goals in the greater Columbus area. I have the perfect opportunity to not only establish the footprint of Willory in Columbus and make a name for myself in this new territory. My goal to make Willory successful outside of NE Ohio and positively affect the Columbus HR and payroll community.