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Posted on: December 3, 2020

HR Like a Boss: Kristin Tull

HR Like a Boss isn't just about getting a seat at the proverbial table, but also about truly making an impact on the people within the organization. Listen in as John and PRADCO's President Kristin Tull discuss how to be proactive HR professionals that are focused on business and making an impact.

Dr. Kristin Tull joined PRADCO in 1991 as a management consultant while completing her graduate education in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. In the following ten years, she advanced to the Vice Presidency, a role that brought management responsibility, and in 2008 accepted the position of President of the company. Today she works with high-level executives with some of PRADCO’s largest clients, helping them evaluate and develop their management teams. In addition to her account management and business development activities, she has been an industry leader in the development and validation of assessment instruments. Due to Dr. Tull’s expertise and leadership, PRADCO now makes available over 15 on-line assessment products designed to select and develop talent in all types of jobs and organizations. She is also a member of the American Psychological Association and is on the board of The Northeast Ohio Human Resource Planning Society.