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Posted on: December 1, 2020

HR Like a Boss: Erick Miles

Erick Miles started his career in a call center, but his destiny was in human resources. Not only is Erick passionate about the work that he does, he LOVES people. It's this dedication to the human part of human resources and understanding of people's differences that make Erick a standout HR professional. 

Below is an excerpt from the book, "HR Like a Boss" that will likely be released in 2021. Do you prefer this summary style or the complete transcripts? Let us know in the comments. 

To me, the first principle of being a boss is: own it.

The next is “love.”  

Yes, I said the word love in a business book...we cannot take the English language so literally, especially here. It’s okay if you do not feel comfortable with the word love at work. It reminds me of when my team, to advance our consultation game, read Getting Naked by Patrick Lencioni, and my Director of People Operations blushed every time she had to say the title in front of our team. So, if you feel uncomfortable, insert the word passion wherever you see love. 

Digging into “what’s love got to do” with HR Like a Boss, I am reminded by a discussion I had with Erick Miles, an HR leader in Columbus, Ohio, and one of the 13 original speakers (aka OG13) at the inaugural DisruptHR Columbus event. I met Erick, along with a group of stellar HR leaders, through the community established by this truly unique event. Although he was a (self-proclaimed) miserable failure as a call center executive, Erick found his purpose in his love for people and pursued a career in HR. One of his cornerstone principles in life and business is a resilience forged by your unquivering love for what you do—in Erick’s case, doing HR Like a Boss.  

“You got to find what you love to do. If you are not passionate about what you do, it is not going to be sustainable. Because the moment something happens contrary to what you define as successful, you will not have the buoyancy, power, ability, zeal, information, insights, etc. to be able to power through the difficult seasons that are a part of the maturation of who you are supposed to evolve into as an HR leader,” explains Erick. “An HR professional needs to have a genuine love for people regardless of our differences.” 

Listen to the podcast above to hear the complete and unedited interview with Erick, where we dive into the importance of taking risks and why creativity needs commitment. Or, if you don't have 25 minutes to listen to the complete podcast (although I recommend you hear the whole thing), you can check out a shorter version via the video below.