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Posted on: November 4, 2019

How to Break up with your HR Tech Vendor

Not too long ago, our consultant and internal HR Christine Peters wrote a blog titled 5 Signs it’s Time to Break up with your HR Technology. It’s never an easy decision to have to move on to a new system, but once you make that decision, how do you properly go about converting? Here’s some advice on what the transition from one HCM system to another should look like and how to properly make that move (while optimizing your data and leveraging your new technology).  

Pick the Right Project Manager  

Having the right project manager is critical to correctly implementing your new HR technology. This person is responsible for leading, guiding, and holding everyone accountable. They drive the change and organize the schedule. There are many important components to this type of transition, so having one person who can focus on managing the strategy is key. The technology change will affect everyone from employees, managers, and executives. When selecting your project manager make sure to pick someone who has a change management methodology and proven success of managing projects in their track record.  

Have the Right Resources 

To be equipped for this type of project, you must have ample resources for data conversion and testing. Too often, we see organizations struggle because they don’t have the bandwidth whether it is manpower, time, or expertise. If the internal team is expected to do all the work, we often find that they don’t have the bandwidth to do the job of this transition, let alone their main responsibilities. This can be stressful because important components of the project can get lost and be unsuccessful. Not to mention, regular responsibilities and deadlines start to slip.  

Assign a Power User  

Who will be your ongoing power user? This person will be responsible for the ongoing support and knowledge of your new HCM system. You will need to pick one or two people in your organization to take on this role. I recommend sending them to conferences like the HR Technology Conference and Expo and regular user groups. This ensure they stay updated on system releases and future capabilities. They need to be immersed in the ecosystem of current HR tech and trends as well as get to know each piece of their technology to the best of their ability. 


All in all, the process of integrating new HR technology is never easy. If your organization is in a place where you need help don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our Willory team members. We help with optimization, vendor selection, and implementation of HCM systems. From being a helping hand to having our consultants as project managers, we have worked on projects of all different sizes with many different types of organizations. You can learn more about our services here