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Posted on: May 29, 2018

Are You a Passionate HR Professional?

As the region’s leading HR staffing and consulting firm we not only look for the best and most passionate HR professionals to place with our clients; we want to work with those professionals on improving their workplaces.  So, what does a passionate HR professional look like and why should you even care? Typically, the best professionals are enthusiastic about what they do with an infectious energy that makes their coworkers want to be better.  As HR professionals, you’re often setting the tone for the entire organization. Realize that your actions – and even more so inaction – have a significant impact on the culture and strategy of your organization.

Do you share the following traits? We’ve found that the most passionate and successful HR professionals possess these traits. Ask yourself if you possess these skills to be the best HR professional possible.


You strive to be engaged within your HR department, but are you active within cross functional teams in your organization?  Create opportunities to learn from others with everything from formal groups to lunches. Beyond work, expose yourself to as many peers and possible mentors by being involved in professional organizations.  Authentic passion comes from understanding, so make sure you never stop learning and apply your knowledge to become an excellent HR professional.


Understand the business holistically in order to assess where your strengths add the most value. While your focus must be on addressing your job responsibilities, chances are you can add value in other areas in a respectful manner. Passionate HR professionals are always looking to contribute value to their organization in a myriad of ways including strategic and innovative ideas. This is your chance to be innovative and positively impact the people of your organization.


HR is a wealth of information – whether that’s policies or institution knowledge. It doesn’t make sense to keep information employees are or may be searching for to yourself. As a passionate HR professional, you need to make sure employees have access to and understand where to find information such as employee handbooks, procedures, policies, and training material. Your communication on the topic should be clear, concise, but also complete.


The passionate HR professional knows that they carry with them the responsibility of being honest and honorable. They are representing the organization’s values so if HR isn’t trustworthy, it’s not a place I would want to work. It should probably go without saying, but HR managers often know a lot of confidential information. If you have the reputation of being loose-lipped, your employees will lose faith and likely disengage with you and potentially the organization.


You (probably) got into HR because you are a “people person” and it’s a rewarding career.  Don’t forget why you’re in HR, what you love about it and let it shine! If you’re a passionate HR professional, we want to know who you are and what you love about this profession.

 Are you passionate about HR? Tell us why. Image is of a rose with text.