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Posted on: October 15, 2019

HR Like a Boss headed to Pittsburgh

Next week I'm headed out to The 'Burgh to present "HR Like a Boss" at the 2019 PHRA Annual Conference & Exhibition on October 22 (and the conference continues on October 23). The 71st event, put on by PHRA, is focused on boosting your professional and personal potential. I'm excited for the chance to meet talented HR professionals as well as reconnect with clients, candidates, and friends in the area.

I'll admit it, this isn't my first time giving the "Like a Boss" presentation, but each time the crowd is different and I learn something new. Yes, even as a presenter, you can learn something you didn't know before you started. That's why each time I give a presentation, my ultimate aspiration is for the crowd to participate and have a fun time.  

As I prepare any presentation, I always have three key goals. These goals help me determine everything from the content to the tone to the breakout sessions and even what music I’ll play before my presentation. For my session at PHRA’s Annual Conference, my goals are: 

  • discuss how you can gain the attention of your organization's CEO
  • collaborate on strategies and ideas that successfully grow organizations, and 
  • share how you can leverage your human capital to continue to improve creativity and innovation.  

We will review tactics that will ensure HR is at the front seat of critical decisions by being brutally honest, obsessing (in a good way) about your organization, truly serving the needs of your company, and adding value with key HR initiatives that will yield results for your organization. We’ll work together to develop strategies you can implement to effective change and organizational productivity.  

I can't wait to see you in the Steel City! If you want to get a jump on the presentation, I'm happy to share a few spoilers! Feel free to contact me here.