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Posted on: December 21, 2018

Five Years Later (Life after THRD)

Over the weekend it became official…I’ve been with Willory for five years. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average length of employment is 4.6 years. If you read my employee highlight, you learned that I joined Willory when THRD was acquired. To celebrate, I wanted to go beyond the profile and share the five most impactful memories over the last five years. 

Consulting Services

Soon after I started working at Willory, we expanded our consulting services, making the project-based work more comprehensive, purposeful, and impactful. Over the last few years, we’ve put significant time into building, tweaking, and solidifying our consulting offerings. This year I have dedicated a substantial amount of time to understand the work our expert Employee Life Cycle and HCM Systems consults do and I have to say I’m impressed.

nc99NorthCoast 99

Of course, winning awards always feels good. It’s a public recognition that the work the organization is doing is on the right track. As a four-time NorthCoast 99 award winner, I’ve had a lot of fun at the award ceremonies and getting to understand all the hard work that goes into attracting and retaining top talent in Northeast Ohio.


PHR Certificationshrm

My degree from Kent State (Go, Flashes!) was in Human Resource Management and my career has reflected that. Three years ago, I spent my holidays studying for my Professional Human Resources (PHR) certification. That sacrifice paid off because I earned my certification in January 2016. Having this certification means the world to me and helps me not only understand what clients need but how to truly send them the quality candidates they need to make sure their HR and payroll departments function.

Team Growth

When I started with Willory there were six other internal employees (and one #bossman). At the start of 2019 we’ll have 17 employees (hint hint) – and still one #bossman. Having effectively doubled our team in five years, I’ve seen A LOT of changes, including ones impacting our technology, processes, and of course, people. Perhaps the biggest change has been to our staffing model. When I started, we were full-desk, meaning my responsibilities ranged from recruiting, sales, and client relations. Now we’re laser-focused and lane-driven. For me, that means I’m completely dedicated to the HR/payroll consulting and staffing needs of our clients…and managing Client Relations Manager Philip Major.

bossman halloween lisaExpansion

It might be the worst guarded secret in Willory history…and we’re still a month away from the official announcement, but I’m pretty sure John let the proverbial cat out of the bag with this post>. In 2019 we’ll be expanding our service offerings in Columbus. Over the years we’ve done exciting consulting and staffing projects in Columbus and we’re pumped to address the demand while increasing our personnel presence in the area. We’ve been busy building a strong foundation but also taking the time to source the right people for our Columbus-based team. Expect big things for Willory in 2019!