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Posted on: September 9, 2019

Five for Five:  NorthCoast 99 includes willory for fifth consecutive year

We never take our spot on the NorthCoast 99 for granted – even as we attend our fifth award ceremony this week. In honor of making the list in each year of our eligibility, the Willory team has created a series of five blogs highlighting the impact NorthCoast 99 has on our organization and its employees. These blogs will be unveiled each day this week at 5 pm. 

Securing a spot on the NorthCoast 99 means a lot to me because it acknowledges the passion and dedication of the Willory team in attracting and retaining top talent. As the owner of the firm, one of my favorite parts of my job is watching my team members succeed. When interacting with employees, my goal is to ensure they’re productive in their role and they understand the impact they play in the firm’s success.

I believe that the more you can tie someone’s metrics to that of the firm, the more impactful they see their role. It’s not always easy to correlate all activities and tasks to production, but we’ve been dedicated to better understanding how each person contributes through their role. At times these conversations can be tough and crucial, but as we grow we must build a culture of accountability.

Willory’s greatest assets are our team members. These are the individuals dedicated to improving HR and payroll. I love hearing the stories about aligning an all-star candidate with a fantastic company or elevating organizations by focusing on their systems and processes. Over the last few months I have been thinking obsessively about how we help clients navigate change, whether that’s finding them a new team member or a new HR technology system. It’s this obsession that has led to quite a few changes to Willory. In the coming months, be on the lookout for updates to our services, new product offerings, and more.

I continue to be honored and humbled by the support Northeast Ohio has played in the history of Willory. As we expand our geographic locations and work with more companies outside Ohio, one thing is certain: Northeast Ohio will always be home.

If you’re attending the NorthCoast 99 event on Wednesday, please be on the lookout for the Willory team. Along with myself, Christine Peters, Holly Hall, Bridgette Klein, Cris Hornick, Jamie Myers, and Courtney Reynolds are attending. We’d love to meet you and learn what makes your organization one of the best 99 companies in Northeast Ohio.



This is the 21st year that ERC has presented the NorthCoast 99 award, recognizing organizations for their ability to maintain great workplaces. The program was developed and is presented by ERC (www.yourERC.com). Services provided by ERC include Compensation surveys, HR Help Desk, HR & Workplace compliance information, employee and management training, HR Consulting and health insurance for small and mid-size business.