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Posted on: September 30, 2019

Accountability, is it an essential part of your culture?

As the owner-leader for Willory, accountability has been an area of focus for me, and it’s been inspiring to see how our team members have flourished since creating more structure. I firmly believe that by implementing a culture of accountability, organizations can see improved employee satisfaction and tangible business results. It’s been a tremendous journey for Willory as we develop our people with these practices.

Hire the Right People

Success in accountability begins with hiring the right people. As a firm dedicated to staffing HR and payroll departments across Ohio, we have a unique insight into the world of hiring. For both internal and external roles within our company, we have a defined strategy to helps us find the best candidate for each position.

The hard work isn’t over once you hire the right person. Consistent training of employees is critical and a primary task that too many organizations overlook employees who have strong competencies and accel at their job are the product of a continuous development process.

Employees need to have measurable and obtainable metrics. Considering you made the right hire and have the right fit, being on the same page should be an achievable goal that can grow with time. The value is for the employee, their manager, and the organization. All parties want to succeed and achieve their goals.

Set The Culture

Managers need to be effective and capable of having honest conversations when things get tough. If an employee is not hitting metrics or doesn’t have the appropriate skill set to succeed, ongoing communication needs to happen. When you ignore meaningful conversations, it can hurt the organization by causing a turnover and a decline in profits.

Having the tools to address accountability issues successfully are cornerstone items for management. A great resource that we have used at Willory is a book called Crucial Accountability As an organization, we have all our employees, no matter where they are in the organization structure, participate in reading this book and active review sessions during team training. It helps us make sure that everybody is personally invested in it and gives the team tools that we use daily.

Employees Want Accountability

It’s true; employees want accountability! Being held accountable is a proven driver for employee satisfaction. Having the ability to work for an organization where you know you can discuss your struggles is huge. If you have done it right, both parties don’t have to be afraid about hurting someone’s feelings or sharing the issues they are facing. They can be confident that they have the intel and resources to overcome any accountability issues they might be facing.

When you hire the right people, they want to be accountable, become better at their jobs, and improve the organization. Because of that, you will have to have difficult discussions, but if you do it the right way, the results can be amazing!


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